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Providing a Full Range of Management, Marketing/Communication, & Development Services Tailored to Non-Profit Organizations.

Learn more about our work and how we can help you.  Whether you've already got a need in mind,       or you'd like to explore how we can help your organization strengthen itself in the year ahead,  give us a call to schedule a good time to talk further.  

Call us for your current needs or to learn more, and consider referring us to colleagues.                     You can reach us at 202.550.7692 or Sandra@SandraWalterAssociates.com.  Thank You.

  • 100th Anniversary Campaign for the American Association of Consumer & Family Sciences
  • 25th Anniversary Campaign for Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation
  • 40th Anniversary Celebration Kit for the National Association for Public Administration

Sandra presented before 100 people at an Association of Fundraising Professionals/DC luncheon.  Her goals were to stimulate thinking about how to activate, stimulate and motivate volunteers; tand to provide an understanding of the links between the Food Pyramid, the Donor Pyramid and the Pyramid of Engagment.  Sandra delivered a half-day version of this program to the Association of Fundraising Professionals /DC Board of Directors earlier this year, and received rave reviews.

The quest for effective volunteers can drive even the best development professionals crazy.    Volunteers have the power to impact the execution of your strategic plan, the implementation of your organization's programs, and the success of your fundraising and development activities.  Through her presentation, Sandra helped participants: 

Take a fresh look at your identification, cultivation, motivation, solicitation and acknowledgement of volunteers.

Learn how the 5 I's apply to volunteer management, and why the case for volunteering should be made with as much effort as the case for philanthropic support.      

Start the year with this fun and engaging session that will give you fresh ideas,  and leave you    wanting more.